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shared repository between svn and git without git-svn

In mashape, internally, we are using subversion. But we wanted to open some code (the server and client libraries) on github (here our profile:

When you have to create a brand new github repository the process is pretty straightforward

  • create a new repository on github
  • enter your working copy
  • git init
  • create a new .gitignore with “.svn” as content
  • git remote add origin $github-repo-url
  • git add/commit and push

When the repository is already on github (maybe you are working from another pc) the process is a little bit tricky

  • checkout from svn
  • enter the working copy
  • git clone —no-checkout $github-repo-url
  • create a new .gitignore with “.svn” as content
  • git reset and, if needed, checkout/add

in this way I can commit on both version control systems, to have the same location shared on subversion (needed for some internal scripts) and the open source version.

And, obviously, I can send and receive updates in each direction

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